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Where can you vape or not vape at?

Where can you vape or not vape at?

As the matter of fact, vaping is becoming more popular among teenagers, it is more likely to get you influence and addicted to vape every other time. But there are some places which you need to avoid while vaping or else you will be penalized. It is not illegal to vape in Dubai, but some premises will not allow you to vape freely.

If you are using vape and want to know the places where you can easily vape or places you want to restrict yourself to vape, here are some locations and places which you can find useful.

  1. At your Home: The place where you have all the freedom to do any tasks is your home. You are the only one who makes a decision at your home, thus you can make your own decision whether to vape or not. There are no restrictions for you if you vape at home, but make sure not to vape around visitors who don’t like the smoke clouds. You can vape freely all day, unlike tobacco which can cause you health problems. Remember, to let the airflow and ventilation otherwise there will be no fresh air inside your home.
  1. In the Open: You can always vape and relax if you are out of the busy streets of Dubai. Whether it be a long road or an island where you can go, but do not vape away while you’re in the streets. The people near you might not like the smell of your smoke cloud so it is better to vape when you are far away from these busy streets.
  1. In Transportation: Government has strictly prohibited to vape in public, transportation such as Trains, taxis, airplanes, or buses. You are free to vape in your own car, but make sure you are not around a busy road. If you want to vape freely in your vehicle, you can always rely on the roads which are less traveled.
  1. In Bar and Shisha: There are few places which do not allow to vape, while there are bars and shishas which will let you to vape at your will. These are the places which are legalized to vape and blow smoke clouds. You can find suitable bars and shishas in Dubai to vape freely.
  1. In Smoking Areas: You can also choose these areas to vape freely without disturbing any other people. These are the places which are meant for smoking, so it is good to vape here rather than doing it publically.
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