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Vaping is less dangerous for others

Name a single benefit of conventional smoking and people will start looking at you with surprise and awe. And what if I tell you that there is a method of smoking that doesn’t have any disadvantages not only to your health but also to the people around you. Furthermore it doesn’t affect the environment as well.

Isn’t it great? Well vaping gives you some other benefits as well that you won’t ever experience while smoking conventional cigarettes. Below are the benefits of vaping that will change your thoughts about it and you will leave conventional smoking for this better option.

Vaping is less dangerous for others

We know that tobacco is not only harmful for the person smoking it but also for the people who are passively smoking it. There are high chances of coronary diseases and even cancer in passive smokers. On the other hand vaping is safe for both; not only for the smokers but also the people around them.

Another good thing about vaping is that its fumes are either odourless or have a pleasant aroma that is loved by people in the immediate vicinity.

E-cigarettes don’t affect the environment

The burnt chemicals that dissolve in the air through conventional smoking are bad for the environment and how can you forget the menace of fire by careless discarding of cigarette butt. When compared to conventional smoking, vaping, is known as environmental friendly and doesn’t pose any threat to the surroundings at all.

It is convenient to use

You will be impressed by the convenience of using an e-cigarette. It doesn’t affect your hands and mouth with bad smell and you can vape openly in public (depending on the local laws) as it doesn’t have any bad odour and also doesn’t affect the people all around.

Cheaper option

We are already aware of the health and environmental disasters of smoking but let me tell you another thing that vaping is much cheaper than smoking. Although you will have to buy an e-cigarette initially that can be expensive but when compared with regular purchasing of conventional cigarettes, e-cigarettes are surely budget friendly.

No ashtray needed

Now you don’t have to find an ashtray for throwing the ash as e-cigarettes are free of residue and ash. Now with e-cigarettes, you won’t have to worry about ash to throw, bad odour from hands and mouth etc.


Vaping is not only a safer option for you but also your loved ones and the environment that you live in. Now you can also join the elite club of vapers and smoke with the surety that it won’t have any adverse affects on your health.

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